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Wild Ginger Running is the UK’s best YouTube channel providing trail and ultra running advice, inspiration and gear reviews, created by Claire Maxted, co-founder and former editor of Trail Running magazine. Now available as a podcast too! Search Wild Ginger Running on all the usual podcast outlets.

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The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook

From complete beginners to seasoned off-road runners, The Ultimate Trail Running Handbook has all the training and nutrition advice, skills, gear and motivation you need to become a fitter, faster and more confident trail runner.

There are training plans to take newcomers from 5k parkrun to first trail marathon, while for experienced runners there’s strength-work, injury prevention and advanced training plans to 50k.

To keep you enjoying every step there’s advice on how to choose the right gear, 30 easy, healthy recipes, inspiring stories from real trail runners and advice from top athletes and coaches. Then, explore more using the navigation and route planning information to create exciting off-road adventures.

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Training camp

Meet like-minded trail runners and improve your trail running at one of my friendly, fun beginner to intermediate trail running camps with Tracks & Trails Mountain Running Holidays in the Peak District 22-24 April 2022.

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Covid-19k Challenge Buff

What am I doing to be more eco-friendly?

Follow my journey to being more environmentally friendly. Having watched David Attenborough’s increasingly terrifying TV programmes I’ve ramped up my eco mission and want you to also reap the benefit of some super easy eco-wins we can all do to help protect the planet! Join me!

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