Must try harder…

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Must try harder

Written by Claire Maxted

August 5, 2014

Lunchtime! Just did my 34 min circuits whole body strength session that my coach Rory Coleman set for me for The Coastal Challenge. I don’t think I went at them hard enough – I distinctly remember Rory saying, “Remember how out of breath you are now,” when he put me through these exercises last Wednesday in my assessment. I wasn’t quite as out of breath today so I must try harder next time. I bloody hate the plank, which is probably the reason Rory has it in there twice. Thanks RC! And I have to do the session two times through so that’s 4 x 1min planks! I had to do the last one in 2 x 30sec blasts I was about to collapse on to the grass. Yes, I said grass because I BEAT THE GYM! A trail runner hates being inside, and it was such a nice day. I popped into our little gym at work (aren’t we lucky?!!), borrowed the necessary heavies and lugged them out to a little patch of grass to wheeze through my regime. I promise to slog my guts out a bit more next time Rory. Running with the club tonight, Stamford Striders, best running club ever. Going to check my Max Heart Rate with the Tom Tom watch we have in for our HR GPS watch test, you can read about that in the next issue of Trail Running mag, on sale 4 Sept.

Here’s my training plan from Rory…isn’t he nice? 😉


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