Top Training Tip: Do it anyway

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Written by Claire Maxted

August 12, 2014

Soooo didn’t feel like busting a gut today at lunch doing coach Rory Coleman‘s whole body strength routine, but who cares what your head says, if you want to achieve something: Do it anyway 🙂

Lovely coach Rory also called to cheer me up after my last, somewhat mournful blog post, and said these very useful bits of advice/info for runners training for ultras and multi-days.

  • You have to do Long Steady Runs to build strength – you can’t just wake up one day and swim the Channel, you have to put the boring pool lengths in
  • You needn’t be a slave to your HR monitor, just run at a slow, steady pace and check the data after. If it’s way higher than 75% of your Max HR then drop the pace next time
  • Find your metronome. On these runs you learn to find the pace where you can trot along happily (dance moves at sheep included) all day long

At Burnham next Sun I’m going to just run steadily and see what my HR was after, then tell Rory. Much more motivated now! Anyone got any more advice for me? Post it below!

Also, I improved my effort level in the circuit routine today after last week’s Must Try Harder blog post, (see the exercises on this post too). I was defo out of breath and collapsing. I’ve upped some of the reps too. I do the first part 3 times and the second part twice. It took 35 mins. Go me. Ready for running club tonight now, especially as Rory says I will be feeling the training benefit by now (3 weeks in) and I should go for it and see what’s in the tank…the tank is ready to rock ‘n’ roll…




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