Thank goodness it was only a 20-mile weekend

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Written by Claire Maxted

August 25, 2014

So for the last 2 weekends I’ve been running 10 miles sat 20 miles sun as per my Rory Coleman training plan for the 6-day 225km Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica this Feb. But this week was an ‘easy’ week, so I only had to do 10 miles sun. And what a massive pile of PHEW that was! The 10 miles on Sat went really quick chatting to my amazingly patient and willing-to-run-very-slowly-with-me boyfriend, so that was great, but come Sun I was on my own again, and that’s where I start to get a little bored, does anyone else find that?

What rocked was discovering a new trail through the woods near my parents’ house, that led to Stonleigh Abbey. The twisting singletrack, still warm in the afternoon sun, lined with ferns, tree roots underfoot made me feel like I was in Costa Rica already.

What sucked was running out of brain oomph 10k in and lolloping the last 6k back with little motivation and a sorry HR of about 135bmp rather than my scheduled 142bmp. It was all just too much effort and I was bored of running. Bad mental attitude, nothing to do with legs. I was so glad it wasn’t 20 miles today!

Resolved to burn it up good and proper at running club tmr. As Rory said the other day on the phone, don’t congratulate yourself on almost getting there, or giving a half arsed effort. Just because the race is in Feb and you’ve had a tough week doesn’t mean you can slack off.

On the plus side, I’ve lost half a stone in the month since I started this epic training and nutrition plan with Rory, so I’m up on schedule there, yey! :), only twice that to go until my 9 stone goal weight…

Skype chat with Rory tmr, let’s see what he says…plenty of advice that I’ll be able to share with you then I’m sure!


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