Best way to come back to running from illness

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Written by Claire Maxted

March 29, 2015

Take. It. Slow.

Don’t start running again unless you’re properly better or you’ll start getting ill again. Sounds simple but it really is hard to do if you’re a full on addicted 5 a week trail runner like me. This time, I did lots of walking instead, and made myself wait. Could you?

Best things come to those who wait
So I was soon proud of myself yesterday for only running 4 miles, not the 6 mile loop I really wanted to do. After being bedridden (this NEVER happens, I’m NEVER ill!!!) for 3 days the week before last, I was still trailing the remains of a spluttering cough/cold so this Sat I did my first run in 2 weeks, the longest break I’ve had since June! Boy you have a lot more time to do other stuff if you don’t run! I really missed it though, so I deliberately jogged 4 miles slow. Nearly came a cropper when I spotted a runner out in front of me and I wanted to catch him up for a chit chat! Self control…

Spotted a barefoot runner in wind and rainy peaks!
Then today I’ve just been to watch the Edale Skyline fell race. I’ve always always wanted to run this one, recce-ed it and run parts of the route many times, but it was full. However, once out, I’m kinda glad I didn’t get a place! The wind slammed hail and rain right in the face of the runners for most of the section from Lose Hill and Brown Knoll until turning the corner after Jacob’s Ladder. Poor lovely boyfriend Steve was definitely not pleased that he’d said ‘Yes’ to accompanying me on this one!

Big up to all the runners, many even smiled a thanks as we cheered, between breaths, it’s a long, hard 21 miler. It was freezing enough just to walk/run 9 miles of the course over Rushup Edge, Mam Tor and Lose Hill. It was amazing to see a barefoot runner amongst the soaked, be-waterproofed runners, incredible! Must find out who he is. Gosh weren’t his toes cold? I should have run along with him for a bit and asked him a load of questions, jeez, what kind of a journo am I? Well I was a very cold one! Next time…

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