5 reasons to do a #morningmile

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Written by Claire Maxted

March 1, 2017

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Every morning I walk, jog or run the mile and a bit around the field at the end of my road, at the back of our housing estate. It’s not mountains or anything spectacular, but I’ve started calling it the ‘Field of Inspiration’ (ah the glamour – it’s just a really muddy dog-poo-edged, litter-speckled field) because I can’t get round it without having some epiphanous idea for Trail Running magazine, our awesome #Run1000Miles challenge group, or my own lifestyle/fitness plans. The birds are fantastic too. I know I’m getting old now because I flippin’ love them. We used to tease my dad for being a fan, but now I know why! They’re so cute! And their chirrups of “Gerrroff moiy laaand” to all the other birds are so sweet and melodious!

This morning I felt energetic and it was beautifully sunny, so I ran round at a fast, no-talking tempo pace. It felt great to be really inside my body and feel all my limbs and muscles moving and lungs working.

I want to do this every morning, and I’m calling it the #morningmile. Here are my top 5 reasons why you will benefit from walking, jogging or running a #morningmile too:

1 Wakes you up
2 Gives you a smug boost of fitness
3 Generates new ideas
4 Bird song soothes your brain
5 Views give you perspective on work stress

Where’s your morning mile and what does it give you? Tell me in the comments below.

Happy trails, and happy #morningmiling



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