#STUC is GO! …What is #STUC?

by Jun 21, 2017Training6 comments

Written by Claire Maxted

June 21, 2017

Exciting! Have just set up a local group for local people – Stamford Trail & Ultra Club. As I posted it to Twitter I realised the acronym is #STUC! Oh the irony – running off-road is actually the very thing that will get you unstuck and out of a rut this summer.

I’d been thinking about it for a while as last year I qualified as a personal trainer, but the idea of spending days in a gym beasting people doesn’t appeal. It’s got to be outdoors for me, whatever the weather. And on trails, both near and far.

SO. I set up #STUC, a closed FB group to bring together all the trail and ultra running enthusiasts and wannabes in Stamford and the surrounding area. Now we can hook up to run local trails, share skills & tips, answer questions, and encourage each other to run & race in exciting places like the Peaks, Lakes and Wales, (the pics below show a bunch of us at Keswick Mountain Festival June 2017).

As a PT and former editor of Trail Running magazine I can also supply training and organise race recce trips for individuals and small groups – get in touch if you want to arrange an exciting excursion and/or reach your full potential on trails: csmaxted@gmail.com


A bunch of Stamford Striders at Keswick Mountain Festival June 2017 about to race the Salomon 25k Trail Race organised by Mountain Run

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  1. jakepackham

    Former Editor!?!?

    What happened? We have been reading TR for yonks: it’s weird to imagine the mag without you : ( Good luck with the next step

    • ClaireMaxted - Wild Ginger

      Yo, yes, I’ve been there 7 years, it’s time for my next move! Watch this space! PT and presenter…still writing for TR mag so I haven’t really left 🙂

      • jakepackham

        That’s cool then. All the best, and please keep the blog going

  2. chefyego

    Nice one Claire. Your gonna be awesome at this and i predict very busy

    • ClaireMaxted - Wild Ginger

      Why thanks you Stephen, I hope this comes true! Hope your #Run1000Mile-ing is going super well 🙂

  3. Mattie

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imlbissope.