Ahoy there! I put this film together for Christmas but these books are absolute must-reads for every trail runner at any time of the year. Click here to watch.

How many of them have you read?

Or which one do you fancy trying first?

From the history of fell and mountain running to how to run faster, plus recipes and inspirational journeys on foot, these will inspire and inform in equal measure.

Transparency: Apart from kindly providing product, this film is not funded by any book author, publisher, brand or shop. My views are my own. Amazon and Ebay affiliate links are below if you’d like to buy any of these books. Please use these links when you purchase as this gives me a very small percentage of the sale: every little helps. Thank you.

Reading about running really fires you up. My particular favourite is Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith. This was the book that inspired me to start fell running right back in the early 2000’s, and I’ve since met many others who have been inspired to give hill running a go after reading his book.

Feeling all inspired after I had finished, oooh, chapter 3, I thought – I’m a hill-walker, I’ve done a few road races; I’ll give that a go! For my first fell run I went up Latrigg Fell from Keswick in February. It was frosty underfoot and I slipped over on the way down… A couple of walkers looked at me as if I were mad. Well, they weren’t far wrong!

It was hard work, I’d chosen a huge, steep hill for my first (of course!) but soon I got the hang of running slowly and pacing myself, and walking up the really steep stuff like the pros. Fast forward to 2010 and I became the editor of the UK’s first ever Trail Running magazine, the only one dedicated exclusively to the exciting, adventurous world of off-road running.

Over the next seven years I was sent countless books about running, and I believe these to be the classics. However, since I made this film I’ve been reminded of some others which are brilliant too, so I’d better make another round up review soon!

Feet in the Clouds: A Tale of Fell-Running and Obsession


It’s a Hill, Get Over It: Fell Running’s History and Characters


The Round: In Bob Graham’s Footsteps


Born to Run: The Hidden Tribe, the Ultra-Runners, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen


 Trail and Mountain Running


So You Want to Run an Ultra: How to Prepare for Ultimate Endurance


Running Science: Revealing the science of peak performance


Fast Fuel Food for Running Success: Delicious Recipes and Nutrition Plans to Achieve Your Goals


Wild Running: 150 Great Adventures on the Trails and Fells of Britain


GO!: An inspirational guide to getting outside and challenging yourself: Create your own amazing race challenges


A Year on the Run: 365 stories from the world of running

Running Beyond: Epic Ultra, Trail and Skyrunning Races

Don’t Stop Me Now: 26.2 Tales of a Runner’s Obsession

The Pants Of Perspective: One woman’s 3,000 kilometre running adventure through the wilds of New Zealand

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