What’s the deal with overpronation and trail or fell shoes?

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Written by Claire Maxted

January 8, 2018

As I was filming the ‘3 steps to buy your first trail shoe‘ video in the previous post, I suddenly realised that I wasn’t going to talk about pronation or overpronation within my top 3 most important tips. However, I knew people would start asking me about it…

Especially if you’ve come from a road running background where shoes are categorised as neutral or pronation shoes, the lack of info surrounding trail running shoes and this type of support can be confusing.

So in this next video you can find out what pronation and overpronation is, and how it affects you when buying off-road running shoes. Click here to watch.

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Matt from Pete Bland Sports explains pronation and overpronation for trail runners

Filmed with Matt Bland on a Saturday morning at the very popular Pete Bland Sports in Kendal, so apologies for the background noise and odd stray hand fondling the shoes in the background! Maybe it was you…

I’m Claire Maxted, founder of Wild Ginger Films and I have tested hundreds of trail and fell shoe after co-founding and editing Trail Running magazine for 7 years. This film will help you find your perfect pair. Enjoy! And do subscribe to my channel and blog for regular advice and inspiration for off-road running.

Transparency: I contacted Pete Bland Sports to ask if I could interview a staff member about pronation and off-road running shoes. This film is not funded by any brand or shop. My views are my own, same for PBS.

If you appreciated this advice, please click here or on the Inov8 Shop Now banner if you are going to buy kit from them. This means I get a very small proportion of the sale. Every little helps! Thank you ?

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