3 tips for the best running technique

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Written by Claire Maxted

January 9, 2018

Run more efficiently and go faster for longer with less chance of injury by following these 3 top tips from the founder of Running Reborn and technique coach Shane Benzie.

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Shane Benzie’s advice for a more efficient run, click here to watch

I caught up with Shane Benzie from Running Reborn at the XNRG Druid’s Challenge 3-day race where he gave a talk on technique. It was fascinating, the amount of research he has done with different running populations in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya. There is so much to be gained in terms of running performance, efficiency, and injury reduction with good technique.

Hopefully later this year I will meet with Shane again to do another film with more tips for the every day off-road runner wishing to improve their performance through addressing common technique mistakes. Plus, I want to ask him for the definitive answer about barefoot running, so subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss these films later in 2018.

Transparency: XNRG events kindly gave me a free race place in return for social media coverage and writing a feature for Trail Running magazine (on sale Jan18). This film is not funded by any brand or shop to endorse their product. My views are my own.

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