First Look at the Inov8 Race Elite 10 pack

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Inov8 are always really quick at getting kit out to testers, so I wasn’t surprised that the Race Elite 10 pack arrived first of the 4 packs I’d like to test out for the Cape Wrath Ultra. See previous post for the other three. This is a First Look, and I’ll be doing a First Run with it later today at 11:30am LIVE on my YouTube channel Wild Ginger Films.


Inov8 Race Ultra 10 running pack

The Inov8 Race Elite 10 info says, “An all mesh, fully breathable, body-tight vest with stretch pockets ideal for ultra distance racing. Can carry three litres of fluid and features six adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit. Comes supplied with two 500ml bottles.”

It’s £90 and weighs 382g.

I like:
My first thoughts are that it looks comfy, the mesh shoulder straps are wide, the materials feel robust and durable.


Wide shoulder straps, robust materials, comfy breathable mesh

There seems to be a good level of adjustment at the sides for a snug fit despite there being only one size available to fit all.


Compression side straps so it shouldn’t bounce around as you run

There are also a couple of straps and bungee cord for securing a smaller load, so that does bode well for a multi-dayer with distances ranging from 16 to 42 miles. The side pockets underneath the compression bungee are reinforced at the base making them good for carrying poles.


Reinforced side pockets for poles and bungee to hold everything in place

I’m not sure about:
I do like a bag that uses soft bottles, so these hard plastic ones will be interesting to try, especially as they feel like my elbows might bash into them as I run…


Hmm…hard plastic bottles…I prefer soft bottles

Also, the front pocket openings seem a little narrow for their length – I’m guessing I’m meant to put long, thin things like gels and bars in them, but I’m a bit of a natural food eater when it comes to long distance running – not sure I’m going to be able to fill these pockets with a banana, or nuts and raisins and dip into them as I go…


The front pocket openings look a tad narrow for my hands

The main compartment, although large at 10 litres, opens lengthways with a dual vertical zip rather than from the top, so it seems tricky to access things stored in there while on the move.


10 litre main compartment is not accessible on the move

On first impressions, I’m not sure this Inov8 pack is going work as well for me as the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra pack designs. However, the proof is obviously in the testing, so I’m going to give you a First Run assessment in my live YouTube video on Wild Ginger Films later today at about 11:30am.

Ok so I’m not sure about this pack, but I do know that Inov8 do make fantastic shoes. So if you’d like to buy anything else from them please do so through the link above as it means I get a few pennies at no cost to you. How better than to show your appreciation for my independent, honest reviews? 🙂 Thank you, Claire

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