Why being vegan benefits runners

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Written by Claire Maxted

January 23, 2018

Legendary US ultra runner Scott Jurek reveals why he is plant powered and why he thinks it benefits long distance athletes.

It’s really interesting because Scott came from a background of hunting and fishing and gradually worked out that a vegan diet was best for him as an endurance athlete.

He shares his favourite ultra foods too, so if you want to try out meat and dairy-free options, there are some good suggestions here. And there are tonnes more good ones in his book, Eat & Run. I really like the lentil mushroom burgers and have taken them with me on many long runs like the Tour de Helvellyn and Lakes 42.

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If you fancy buying Scott’s book Eat & Run after watching this, then just click here if you want to be awesome. Buying it within 30 days using this link gives me a few pennies without any impact on your pocket. Every little helps! Thank you.

This film is part of some unseen exclusive interview footage with Scott Jurek from his 2013 Eat & Run book launch in London. I found this recently in my files and it has never been published before. His advice is still very interesting and relevant today.

In Part I of II you can find out how he grew up, the hardships he endured, and why he likes running (or liked to run!) such long races and trails. Plus, more info on his visit to the Lake District, UK, to do the famous Bob Graham Round in 2014.

In Part II of III he shares his top 4 tips for ultra runners. A couple of them really resonated with me so do read the description for where these are in the film and see if you agree.

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