Ultra running masterclass #4 (with Scott Jurek, 4 parts)

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Learn from one of America’s greatest ultra trail runners Scott Jurek as he answers YOUR questions in the ultimate ultra running masterclass!

In Ultra Masterclass #4 of 4, Scott reveals how to train for ultras with 2 young kids, talks about the possibility of another Appalachian Trail record, what’s his next big challenge, and will he come to Europe?

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Mental strength

Fuel & gear

In 2016 Scott Jurek and his team, led by his wife Jenny (a kit designer for Ultimate Direction), broke the 2,200mile Appalachian Trail record from South to North. Incredibly, battling injury and sleep deprivation, Scott ran almost 50miles a day for 46 days 8 hours 7 mins. His friend Aron Ralston (yes, the one of 127 Hours fame) then joked that it took them 46 weeks to write up this journey in the book North!

Book review: North by Scott & Jenny Jurek
If you read only one book this summer, I thoroughly recommend North.
It is excellently well-written, with chapters from both Scott and Jenny – so it’s one of the only books of this kind to really go behind the scenes of the support crew.
This husband and wife team are brutally honest with their descriptions of the journey through this wilderness as part of an ever-changing team.
You become so engrossed in the book you really feel like you’re out there with them on the trail!
I too experienced their highs and lows, the mud and the rain, the pain of exhaustion and injury, the panic of timings, the joy of old friends like Speedgoat and Horty joining them, fans following their journey, trail angels who left food parcels, and the sheer elation of breaking the record at the end.

If you buy Scott’s book North, you have the opportunity to support my channel (it’s free remember) by using my Amazon affiliate links which give me a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you. Thank you 🙂 Claire

Buy North by Scott & Jenny Jurek

UK: amzn.to/2KaerBE
US: amzn.to/2MZgFBv

If you haven’t yet got Scott Jurek’s first book Eat & Run then read that first. It’s about his life story, his journey to vegetarianism then veganism, becoming an elite athlete, running with the Tarahumara Indians (as revealed in the famous Born to Run by Chris McDougall, see below), and it’s packed full with super tasty vegan recipes and plant-powered running food and smoothies.

Buy Eat and Run by Scott Jurek

UK: amzn.to/2Ko73lj
US: amzn.to/2Kcq5vA

If you’ve not read Born to Run by Chris McDougall then OMG you must this instant! It is a wonderful book all about trail running in its purest form with a rare insight into arguably the fleetest-footed tribe on the planet. It’s totally fascinating and utterly absorbing. Although, WARNING: You may well finish this book thinking, “I must run barefoot or at least with minimal shoes right now as nature intended!” Please don’t. I did, and having had years of no injury, got injured immediately having transitioned way too quickly. My advice is – if you aren’t injured, stick with your usual trail/road shoes and don’t change a thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you’ve run barefoot all your life then yes, it’s the right choice for you. If you’ve been shod and used to wearing 10-12mm drop for running, stick with it. It’s amazing what strain even a tiny reduction in the drop can place on your achilles and foot itself. If you do fancy giving it a go, do so really slowly, like literally a mile per week, then 2, then 3. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Buy Born to Run by Chris McDougall (featuring Scott Jurek)

US: amzn.to/2KbQE4j

There’s more:
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