Best way to avoid CRAMP (for runners)

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Ever had cramp during a run or race? YOUCH, it hurts doesn’t it?! Here’s the latest scientific thinking on how runners can best avoid cramp based on the latest scientific thinking from Sports Professor John Brewer.

PLUS! Top tips to run more comfortably in hot weather during this super strange British summer.

AND An insight into what it was like watching Kilian Jornet break the incredible Bob Graham Round record earlier this month.

All part of my NEW weekly Q&A series for runners on Wild Ginger Films YouTube channel.

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Run Smart book by John Brewer
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Salomon soft bottle
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OTS Electrolytes
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Raidlight Responsiv 10L
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And in case you’re interested in learning more about the world’s best trail runner Kilian Jornet, here’s a link to his great book Run or Die. I really enjoyed finding out more about what makes this insanely talented athlete tick, so it’s definitely well worth adding to your running bookshelf.
In the UK
In America

And for more about the Bob Graham Round, this is your essential reading list (so many great running books out there!!!)
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