How to train for hills in a flat place (plus more running Q&As!)

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I’m doing these Q&As weekly now so please do share this with all your running friends so they can ask me questions. I am a qualified Personal Trainer and edited Trail Running magazine for 7 years. If I don’t know the answer to my question I can definitely find an expert who will!

This week’s Q&A covers these excellent questions from my YouTube audience:

  • How can you train for mountain ultras when you live in a flat place? (at 0:46)
  • What budget packs (at 3:01) and trekking poles (at 4:03) do I recommend?
  • Are all ultras for mountain goats? (at 5:12 I recommend some easier ones!)
  • PLUS! What to do with your race memorabilia – 2 great ideas for medals and t-shirts (at 9:04) For how to make my Mum’s amazing beanbag click here

All part of my NEW weekly Q&A series for runners on Wild Ginger Films YouTube channel.

Want to ask me a question? Write yours in the comments below.

Links to gear/books I mention in this film:

Kalenji Running Pack
In the UK
In the USA

Ronhill Nano 3L Vest
In the UK
In the USA

Mountain King Trail Blaze Carbon poles
In the UK
In the USA

Leki Micro Trail Pro poles
In the UK
In the USA

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z
In the UK
In the USA

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