Should you buy a BUDGET running pack? (£6.99 or £27.99)

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Written by Claire Maxted

September 11, 2018

Welcome to my new Tuesday LIVE Lunchtimes at 1pm where I show you what running gear I’m testing each week and answer your questions.

This week it’s budget packs, with my first look at a £6.99 Lidl Crivit Running Rucksack 10L and a £27.99 Decathlon Kalenji Trail Running Pack 10L.

In this live broadcast you’ll find out how these two compare to £115-£150 packs from the main trail running brands in my previous film here

I have a dozen more still to test, so tell me which one you’d most like to see next week on my Instagram story today (11 Sept 2018) or in the comments below.

I am also ordering in this exciting budget pack from Aonijie £30 and one from Alpkit RRP £42…

And people were asking about my portable iPhone charger the Goal Zero Flip 10 too:
I really like this one as it’s so light and portable, enough for a whole iPhone or GoPro charge from totally dead, plus a bit left over usually. AND you can keep your tech plugged into it while it’s also charging – essential for speedy recharge! This comes Wild Ginger Films HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Goal Zero Flip 10 portable iPhone/GoPro charger

If you decide to buy any of these packs from Amazon then pls do click on this link first then search for the pack you require, as that will give me a tiny kick back at no cost to you. THANK YOU if you do this.

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Transparency: As per usual for all outdoor journalists, I was sent this kit to test out free of charge. I am not paid to wear and review this kit and I provide trusted, independent reviews just as I did as editor of Trail Running magazine 2010-17.

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