This Sunday I will be doing the hardest run of my life.

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Written by Claire Maxted

November 21, 2018

This Sunday 25 Nov will be the hardest 10 miles of my life.

Harder than the 65 mile Bob Graham Round.

Harder than 3 marathons in 3 days on the Druid’s Challenge.

Harder than the 5 days I struggled with excruciating blisters through remote wilderness on the Cape Wrath Ultra.

I’d rather do all of those challenges again than have to do this one.

Not only will it be really sad as we run together without Matt, I have also decided to spend the whole day in silence to make the run hard enough that my running friends will sponsor me. (Scroll down for my Just Giving story)

Now’s the time to dig deep and be generous because I never do things for sponsorship usually, especially not running. I’d rather just give a direct debit to whatever charity and not make a big fuss about it. But this is different. I want to show my cousin the support she deserves after such a tragedy. So please join me in supporting CALM.

I know I can do the Derby 10 Mile run, but don’t know if I can spend the whole day in silence!

If I manage it, Matt would have been gobsmacked.

Your generous sponsorship will definitely make this worthwhile!

Thank you, Claire

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I was shocked and devastated to get the news that our lovely cousin Catherine’s husband Matt collapsed with a sudden heart problem while running in Aug 2018.

We all had our fingers crossed while he was on life support but tragically he never regained consciousness. He was 37 years old.

Matt leaves behind a loving wife and two beautiful young kids. Not to mention his own dedicated family and friends.

Catherine asked me to run this race in Matt’s memory and I am very proud and happy to be able to support her in this. The last message Matt sent me on Facebook was that he was enjoying reading a book about running and really enjoying it.

I was really pleased that both Catherine and Matt were enjoying my fave sport and was looking forward to talking to them about it at my wedding party; sadly this was not to be.

As I do a lot of running and I’m a bit worried no one will sponsor me for doing yet another run, so I plan to make the Derby 10 Mile into my ultimate challenge by running in total silence. No talking for the whole day.

This will be a big challenge for me as I am a well-known chatterbox. I will wear a sign so I won’t appear rude to the other runners.

That is how I will pay my respects to Matt, a loving father and wonderful husband, gone way too soon. And to my cousin Catherine and her children who should never have to go through this pain.

Thank you, every penny counts.

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