Which running poles? (Leki, Black Diamond, Mountain King showdown!)

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Written by Claire Maxted

November 27, 2018

Thanks for watching and all your great questions in today’s YouTube live about running poles for trail & ultra running everybody. If you have any more then type them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Scroll down for the 5 poles I talked about. Please do click on these affiliate links below first so I get a lil kickback from Amazon. If you go into any independent retailers tell them I sent you 🙂 Thanks! youtu.be/NauZoK5oi-A

Next week I’ll be showing you a couple of pairs of great waterproof trousers, yey! I have some I’m keen to show you from Inov8 and OMM, possibly Alpkit too if they can send them in time and I’ll be talking about ones from Raidlight (they won’t send me any, I’ll explain why in the chat), Ultimate Direction (they can’t send any, will explain in the chat!) and WAA (haven’t been able to get hold of their PR yet). Encourage your friends to listen in and subscribe – trying to reach 7,000 by Christmas – help me if you can! 🙂

I’m live every Tuesday at 1pm (UK time) where I show you what running gear I’m testing each week and answer your questions about it. Join me next week!

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Mountain King Trail Blaze Carbon (Carbon Skyrunner is the newest version that I showed in this film, but on the Cape Wrath Ultra I used the Carbon)

Good value, light weight, made in the UK and the first pair of poles I ever used – defo recommend these for beginners and light weight enthusiasts.

UK amzn.to/2Q2MfUk

USA amzn.to/2DJMtZ3

Canada amzn.to/2TQDJFV

Black Diamond Distance Z

Still great value, a little heavier but feel more sturdy than the above because of it, still at a great price. Good strong, easy locking system. Recommended if you like traditional hand loops.

UK amzn.to/2PY4F8F

USA amzn.to/2P5pDgp

Canada amzn.to/2DJYlKm

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z

Not in this film but basically the carbon version of the above so even lighter, but a bit pricier due to that reason.

UK amzn.to/2KDNaEq

USA amzn.to/2QrVXi6

Canada amzn.to/2TVt4tQ

I didn’t mention these but the Black Diamond Distance FLZ is the adjustable version of these poles, like the Leki Micro Trail Vario but lighter.

UK amzn.to/2BAx6QZ

USA amzn.to/2PUqSnQ

Canada amzn.to/2PV9W0s

Leki Micro Trail Vario

Fantastic option if you want a relatively light varying-length pole with a swing weight, plus the special Trigger S grip system that allows you to give your hand a rest!

UK amzn.to/2PV8H1i

USA amzn.to/2r9bJA8

Canada amzn.to/2r7AYTF

Leki Micro Trail Pro

The one-length-only version of the above pole, again with the innovative Trigger S glove system as above so you don’t have to grip the pole all the time.

UK amzn.to/2BAN8u5

USA amzn.to/2r6xJvP

Canada (sorry can’t find in Canada Amazon)

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