Waterproof trousers for trail running (Inov8 & OMM reviewed)

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Written by Claire Maxted

December 11, 2018

The one where I totally bungle it attempting a live unboxing at the end!!! (To everyone watching, don’t worry, I worked it out approximately 2minutes after I went off air!) Major DOH!

Will show you next week, same time, 1pm Tues for the FINAL Tuesday Gear Chat before it moves to Wed 8:30pm starting 2 Jan 2019 and alternates with Trail Chat (elite and expert interviews).

Anyway, here’s the standard gubbins plus links to all the waterproof trousers I recommend 🙂

This live broadcast with Q&A is about waterproof trousers for trail and ultra running. Next week I’ll cover “What running gear is on your Christmas list?” And I’ll tell you what’s on mine! (It doesn’t exist yet…but maybe one day…)

I cover the 3 types of waterproof trouser, (superlight/just in case, all-dayer running trousers & walking trousers) explain taped seams and go through the features to look out for like stretchy fabric, drawcord at the hem, fit, length, zips, flares and pockets. Then I recommend 3 that I have used, and a further 5 that I’ve heard good recommendations about from other testers or members of the audience who have used them.

Here are the waterproof trousers I recommend for trail and ultra runners.

///Affiliate links, I get a kick-back if you purchase anything from Amazon after clicking on these links THANK YOU if you do this///

Super lightweight, just-in-case waterproof trousers
OMM Halo Pants – 75g! Women’s size M, but still, 75g! Pack up into tiny pocket, great for adhering to mandatory kit list and just-in-case days (and, available in PURPLE! Excellent! And multi-colour blue and green too!)
UK amzn.to/2zT6Vnv
(multi-colour! amzn.to/2SFg3CW)
USA amzn.to/2UujYV0
Canada amzn.to/2UD3UQK

Inov8 AT/C Ultrapant – 86g! Men’s size M so potentially the same as the above in reality. Definitely worth a look for a quality, well-designed super light waterproof option.
UK amzn.to/2PBdUGQ
USA amzn.to/2QIGkmS
Canada Can’t find, sorry 🙁

All-dayer waterproof trousers
OMM Kamleika Pants – my current fave, slightly heavier and more expensive than the Inov8 equivalent below but I prefer as unlike the Inov8 they have waist adjustment, durable micro-spike protector panel at the ankle & shoe loop that prevents rain from running into sock/shoe.
UK amzn.to/2C3wK5R
USA amzn.to/2PvXQG4
Canada amzn.to/2QKDm17

Inov8 AT/C Racepant – also a great option, lighter and a little less expensive than the above, but Unisex size M waistband too large for me and no drawcord, so be aware of this and try before you buy. Great stretchy fabric, excellent water-resistant leg zip, elasticated ankles.
UK amzn.to/2L9DxO3
USA amzn.to/2UBDwqt
Canada N/A sorry

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