Best trail running pack 2019 (Salomon, Inov8, Montane, Ultimate Direction, UltrAspire & 9 MORE!)

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Written by Claire Maxted

January 18, 2019

Thanks everyone for joining me live for some break through running pack chat where we look at some new models for 2019 and some old favourites that we can now get for a lower price (whoop!)

There are 14 reviewed here, so once you’ve watched this you should definitely have a better idea of what you want and need in a trail or ultra running pack!

Thank you very much to Andy the The Travel Runner who provided this very useful timeline of where all the reviews appear in this film. Check out his awesome channel here!

Packs reviewed:
1) Inov8 All Terrain Pro 2:30
2) Montane Fang 5L & slight mention of Montane Jaws 10L 9:14
3) Adidas Terrex Agravic 13:53 and compared to Salomon S Lab 5 set at 15:40
4) Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set 21:15
5) Nike Hydration Race Vest 26:45
6) Camelbak Octane 9 32:00
~ lots of questions answered about multiple packs starting around 39:00
7) UltrAspire Momentum 58:20
8) Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 1:02:55
9) Ronhill Pioneer Race Vest 1:10:15
10) Ultimate Performance Fleet 6 1:13:47
11) Raidlight Responsive 10 1:18:30
12) Orange Mud 5L White Vest (official name?) 1:24:30
13) Orange Mud Endurance 1:27:50

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