5 vital things to learn from DNF (i.e. how not to race the Cape Wrath Ultra!)

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Here are 5 very useful lessons to learn from a DNF (Did Not Finish) on any trail race or ultra marathon. (For links to the chocolate & gear that I talked about scroll down!)

Last May, 2018, I attempted the 250 mile (400k), 8-day Cape Wrath Ultra, a remote and often pathless ultra averaging 30miles (50k) a day through beautiful Scottish mountainside with likeminded runners and excellent marshals, catering and safety.

However, I took the decision to quit on Day 4 due. This film explains why I DNF-ed, what I could have done differently, and some lessons I learned that will apply not only to the Cape Wrath Ultra but to any trail race or ultra marathon, and also to your journey through life as a whole actually!

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Chocolate! By Carole Armitage

Active Root ginger hydration

Sidas insoles

Swainby Sweep Trail Race

Mission 24


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