Worst techno issues ever! Arghhhhh!

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Sometimes technology works great, and other times it’s a right royal pain in the whatname. I was totally psyched to have incredible ultra runner and record breaker Mike Wardian on the live chat last night, over Skype all the way from the USA. However, for the first 11:38 mins we struggled with the sound! So listen from 11:38 onwards if you want to retain your sanity!

Neither Mike or I could hear it, only the live broadcast audience, so we had to keep asking them whether we had solved it or not! Thanks guys! I think it was an issue with Mike’s voice being played out on my Skype and echoing back to the live broadcast. It has never done this before, but all of my live interviewees have been in the UK, so the delay must have been imperceptible. I think using headphones will sort this out for the next interviewee overseas. You learn something new every day!

Do give it a listen (after 11:38!) as Mike is absolutely awesome and a total star. He shared some fantastic advice about marathons and ultras, nutrition, recovery, fitting training in with a job and family, and his news about his next #FKTisrael!


Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 19.25.20.jpg

Mike is a Hoka athlete and is also sponsored by T-Mobile. His next big adventure is #FKTisrael! Follow him on social media for more!

Instagram and Twitter: @mikewardian

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mikewardian

Blog: www.mikewardian.com 

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