LIVE TONIGHT 8:30pm! Inov8 Graphene Mudclaw 260 review

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Graphene Mudclaw 260 review

Written by Claire Maxted

February 27, 2019

Join me LIVE tonight  at 8:30pm as I review the Inov8 Graphene Mudclaw 260 fell shoes!

Join me live tonight as I review the Inov-8 Graphene Mudclaw 260 trail shoe, reveal some other people’s thoughts about them, then take your questions.

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Firstly, what the heck is graphene?
“Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is the building-block of Graphite (which is used, among others things, in pencil tips), but graphene is a remarkable substance on its own – with a multitude of astonishing properties which repeatedly earn it the title “wonder material”.

What is graphene?.jpg

Graphene is the thinnest material known to man at one atom thick, and also incredibly strong – about 200 times stronger than steel. On top of that, graphene is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and has interesting light absorption abilities.”

Source: you can even sign up to the Graphene Newsletter here, y’all, how about it?

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Secondly, why on earth are Inov8 using Graphene in their fell, ultra and trail running shoes? Here’s a little timeline courtesy of Inov8:

1555 Graphite was first mined in the Lake District fells of Northern England.

2004 Scientists at The University of Manchester isolate graphene from graphite.

2010 The Nobel Prize is awarded to the scientists for their ground-breaking experiments with graphene.

2018 inov-8 launch the first-ever sports footwear to utilise graphene, delivering the world’s toughest grip – 50% stronger, 50% more elastic, 50% more hard-wearing.

Inov8 say, “Previously athletes had to choose between a sticky rubber that works well in wet or sweaty conditions but wears down quicker, and a harder rubber that is more durable but not quite as grippy. Through intensive research, hundreds of prototypes and thousands of hours of testing in both the field and laboratory, athletes now no longer need to compromise. The new rubber we have developed with the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester allows us to smash the limits of grip.”

“The G-SERIES range is made up of three different shoes, each meticulously designed to meet the needs of athletes. Each includes graphene-enhanced rubber outsoles that deliver the world’s toughest grip and Kevlar – a material used in bulletproof vests – on the uppers.”

G series inov8 .jpg

Makes sense. But how does it measure up in real life? I’ve been wearing the Inov8 Graphene Mudclaw 260s in the sloppiest, muddiest, rockiest conditions to find out just how tough this grip really is.

I’ll give my review to start with for about 10mins, then I’ll take everybody’s questions. I’ll have a few other pair of old Mudclaws, X-Claws and various other shoes for comparison too.

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I’ll also talk about some Inov8 Graphene Mudclaw 260 reviews from other trusted sources including Double Bob Graham record holder Nicky Spinks – she is sponsored by Inov8 but she doesn’t mince her words if she doesn’t think a product is up to scratch!

Nicky Spinks wearing Inov8 graphene mudclaws.jpg

See her review here

Nicky Spinks Graphene Mudclaws 2.jpg

We’ll finish up with the February £500 prize draw exclusive to Patreons – one lucky person will win £300 OMM kit, plus £130 entry to the OMM Lite, plus £70 Running Free of Injuries workshop with Paul Hoborough, boom! It’s not too late to sign up for this competition, become a $5 Patreon here.

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