Salomon Advanced Skin 8 Set review

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Salomon Advanced Skin 8 Set review

Written by Claire Maxted

March 13, 2019

In tonight’s live gear chat at 8:30pm tonight (Wed 13 March) I’m really excited to show you the Salomon Advanced Skin 8 Set running vest which is the women’s version of the Men’s Advanced Skin 12 or 5 sets. The features are the same, but the fit is designed especially for the female form (scroll down for links to buy).

In this film I’m going to give you my review, and I’m also going to compare it with the old unisex Adv Skin 12 Set, and the S-Lab Sense Ultra 8 Set.

I also have my Raidlight, Montane, Inov8 packs to compare it with too, and my fave budget options from Aonijie and Decathlon so we can see what we’re paying 3 times the price for.

Then I’ll take your questions live, so keep the chat coming. Or comment below the film if you’re watching again later. 

After that I’ll be letting you know who we’re talking to next week on the live show, he’s a super chap! Reminding you what goodies are in this month’s competition, showing you the WGR Buffs and telling you about Keswick Mountain Festival.

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  1. Angela Boss

    Hi WildGinger. I bought the Salomon pack and love it but I found that it has stretched after the first few uses and is starting to bounce a bit. Have you heard anything similar? I think I should have sized down perhaps?

    • Wild Ginger Films

      Hi Angela, oh no that’s frustrating, I haven’t found that before, but for ladies I do always recommend going smaller rather than bigger with packs as you can often make them bigger. Do you have the chest straps fully tightened? Have you got full water bottles or kit in the pockets? If you fill the pack up with items it makes it a snugger fit. Hope that helps! Claire

  2. Jane Roberts

    I have this pack and really like it – light and easy to use. The tubes are too long for me – you mentioned shortening them – do you know how to do this? I can’t seem to get either end out of the suction system! Thanks

    • Wild Ginger Films

      Hi Jane, I sent this pack to my friend Sabrina Verjee to use on the Dragon’s Back Race this month (dot-watch her if you can, she might win!) so I can’t test this out again unfortunately, but at the time I know I couldn’t work out how to get the tubes off as I have with other bottles like that. So I posted the bottles as far down as I could in the pockets and they worked ok, then once I had drunken a few sips of the water, I found that the bottles sunk down naturally so the tubes didn’t come anywhere near my face anymore. Hope that helps you? Let me know! Claire