HIIT for trail runners #1 (no kit, 15mins, 120kcals burned!)

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Written by Claire Maxted

March 25, 2019

Here’s a very simple HIIT session for trail & ultra runners. You don’t need any special equipment and it will only take you 15 mins! Do this at least twice a week to improve your strength, endurance, mobility and agility over uneven terrain and on long runs or races.

Do the warm up here first youtu.be/juKPcidcR5k then crack on with the session.
I take you through it in real time so put me on your TV or balance your iPhone on a chair outside and follow these moves!

I burned 120kcals making this film, use your HR watch to see how many you burn and post it in the YouTube comments!

I used a free app for this called Interval Timer

More great strength exercises and stretch routines for trail running:

To get fit for hills in flat places, try my Bench Beasting workouts here:

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