What’s it like trail running in Israel? (near the Dead Sea Half Marathon!)

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I never realised how amazing the trail running would be in Israel! After the Dead Sea Half Marathon (film here) I was taken on an utterly magical run in the canyons near the Dead Sea. Hopefully this film conveys how enchanted I was – count how many time you hear me say, “Wow!”

We parked up on the Amiaz Plateau, a vast, flat and dusty yellow desert and ran down Wadi Sedom, marvelling at the salt formations and high, white cliffs and towers. At the bottom we met Wadi Pratsim and followed it all the way back up to the plateau. This second canyon was even more spectacular, with striated rocks, caves and pillars, narrow corridors and sky-scraping white castles of rock on either side. It was like the Grand Canyon, only a lot smaller and white. It was incredible, I could have stayed there all day in the lovely warm sun, taking photos and filming!

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 15.18.26.jpg

I was running with some awesome people that also star at the end of my Dead Sea Half Marathon film here: www.youtube.com/jpNrcgrdD7E
Alena Dyatlova from Time4Run in Russia, who came 2nd in the Dead Sea Marathon (1st in her age category)
Ophir Kindler, one of the Dead Sea Marathon event organisers who arranged for me to come on this incredible trip
Zoli Bihari, founder of Canaan Running Adventures who has just been supporting US ultra runner extraordinaire Mike Wardian on an FKT in Israel, interviewed here: www.youtube.com/DQ9RTivUo6M

Desert Challenge Moon Run.jpg

Ophir told me that the events company he works for also hold the Desert Challenge here, and we were running some of the course of the Moon Run, a thrilling night time trail run through these canyons when the moon is at its biggest every December. There’s also a mountain bike race and you can do both biking and running in this fun, family-friendly camping weekend. Find out more here: desertchallenge.co.il/en/

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 15.18.50.jpg

You can see my route on Strava, but I would be too scared to run in such unfamiliar, hot desert on my own, so I recommend you book this with Zoli Bihari from Canaan Adventures. He can also tell you about the wildlife in the area, as he does in this film, and all about the amazing landscape we were running through. www.canaanrunningadventures.com/


Trail running in Israel is definitely something to put on your bucket list! I hope they invite me back one day!

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Transparency: The Dead Sea Marathon organisers and Zoli from Canaan Running Adventures kindly supported this experience. In return I created them this film, and the Dead Sea Half Marathon film here: www.youtube.com/jpNrcgrdD7E

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