Top 10 multi-day races (PLUS best food, low cost ultra marathons & trick to beat calf & Achilles strain)

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Top 10 multi-day races

Written by Claire Maxted

April 8, 2019

What are the top 10 best multi-day trail races in the UK?
What is the best food to take on these multi-dayers?
Where can you find the best low cost ultra marathons?
Plus I reveal a quick trick to prevent Achilles and calf strains

Find out in my Q&A series, answering all your trail & ultra running questions. (Scroll down for links to all the books/gear I mention)

Wild Ginger Running is a YouTube channel dedicated to bringing you the best advice and gear reviews for trail & ultra running, created by me, Claire Maxted, co-founder and former editor of Trail Running magazine UK. Ask me all your running questions!

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In this video:

Trail running in Cornwall is amazing! See my film here
If you fancy a fantastic weekend of running, food and music there, try the South West Outdoor Festival 27-29 Sept 2019 – I’ll be there giving a talk, making a film and enthusing about the incredible scenery!

One of my fave multi-day races is the Druid’s Challenge along the Ridgeway by XNRG, I’ve done it twice and it’s great, see my live playlist here to get an idea of the terrain and what it’s like.

Have a good old chuckle at me in this very early YouTube film I made about trail mix and also have a crack at making Anita Bean’s energy balls in this playlist here:

This is adapted from Anita Bean’s recipe book (my fave) the Runner’s Cook Book which has over 100 ace recipes that I wish she’d come round every night and make for me…

Veloforte make my fave natural energy bars
Use my 20% discount code! WILDGINGER20

Try the LDWA for low cost ultra running challenges

Sidas Heel Inserts

Want more help curing achilles or calf injuries? I recommend Running Free of Injuries by Paul Hobrough:

Train for an ultra on 3 runs per week

Mike Wardian FKT Israel, supported by Zoli Bahari of Canaan Running Adventures in this film here
Blog and photos by Ian Corless from Talk Ultra

Robbie Britton and Dan Lawson FKT Jordan, film coming soon! (Not by me!)

Robbie Britton and Dan Lawson’s Jordan Trail Update

Hayley Robinson and Mark Whittle’s 6633 blog

Anna McNuff’s barefoot challenge!

Gear I like at the moment:

My fave running pack is the Raidlight Responsiv 10L, I demonstrated the poles across the chest with this one:

The best small budget pack is the Aonijie 5L running pack

The best larger capacity budget pack is the Aonijie 10L running pack

The Decathlon Kalenji Trail Running pack from Decathlon is also good, and only £28 but I prefer the features on the Aonijie

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