Best run in London (plus the Running Awards 2019!)

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Written by Claire Maxted

April 28, 2019

Congratulations to everyone who ran the London Marathon today! In case marathons aren’t for you, here’s another really exciting way to enjoy London – a historical tour with Secret London Runs. Watch the film here!

We were treated to this fantastic run with ace tour guide Cat before The Running Awards 2019 @therunningawards

Thanks to Runderwear for the comfy, quick-drying undies on this run! @teamrunderwear

I really enjoyed this tour so definitely do one if you can. @parkrunuk founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt (middle below) also recommended the Secret London Runs Street Art Tour too, so I’m going to do that next time. @secretlondonruns

Before the Running Awards I very much enjoyed hosting the awesome speakers at the Bloggers Forum. We heard from World Marathon Challenge record holder Susannah Gill, Eric Keeler who ran across the USA and Mark Atkinson, author of Run Like Duck and winner of the Gold Award for Best Book this year. We also heard from the founders of Runderwear who gave all the bloggers a free pair of ace undies, and Enertor who also gave everyone a free pair of their Performance Insoles, used by greats like Ussain Bolt.

The Running Awards was a fantastic celebration of the best shoes, gadgets, shops, campaigns, charities and races in our world. Held aboard the Dixie Queen and sailing under Tower Bridge, it was lovely to see the super inspiring Danny Bent (above right, next to Paul Sinton-Hewitt) and crew from London Relays winning Best Fun Run, author Mark Atkinson winning Best Book with Run Like Duck, Al Jones winning Best Blog (I love his running poems on twitter), independent running shop Up & Running winning Best Customer Service and more!

And it was fun to join the BBC’s Mike Bushell on stage to present the Gold Award for Best Trail Race To Race To The Stones.

Congratulations to everyone who won prizes or was was shortlisted a the Running Awards 2019.

Watch my Secret London Runs historical tour and the Running Awards film here.

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