The physics behind the OMM Phantom 12L trail running pack

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The physics behind the OMM Phantom 12L trail running pack

Written by Claire Maxted

May 17, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the OMM Phantom 12L running pack and didn’t get on super well with the shoulder bungee cords, which are designed to increase the stability of the pack, plus a few other features. Here’s the review

The OMM, understandably, weren’t too keen on my review as they put a lot of time, effort and research into this design, so I wanted to show you guys the design of the pack from their side. I was really happy to be working at the OMM Festival in early May so I could get Tom from the OMM to take us through the Phantom 12L design by Colin Fisher.

I do understand that this is a genius design that will work for many runners, and I love much of OMM’s gear, their customer service is fantastic, their events are bloomin’ brilliant and many of their staff are friends, but I also find it very difficult to lie about liking kit when I don’t rate it!

So I still stand by my original review – I prefer a waistcoat, vest style running pack for the comfort, the incredible number of pockets and don’t I find them unstable, bouncy or causing my t-shirt to ride up if you get the right size.

Moreover, however well the stability bungee works, I would still struggle to recommend the Phantom 12L running pack over others because I still think it lacks useable pockets up front compared to my favourite packs, listed below.

You may not agree with me, I welcome this, and if that’s the case please do comment below as that’s the reason there are so many different running packs – there is something to suit everyone. I am not everyone, but I have done a lot of long distance running and tried a lot of different running packs, and I hope by following my reviews you get a better insight into what might be the best pack for you.

I do now feel the need to sum up my fave running packs for 2019 in one neat film, but in the meantime here they all are covered in the following films:

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