How to plan a trail running route (easy 6-step tutorial)

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Written by Claire Maxted

May 20, 2019

Do you want to get out and explore fresh, new trails in your local area or further afield but you’re not quite sure how? This film (powered by Bridgedale socks) will show you how to plan an exciting but safe trail running route using a map, in 6 simple steps.

1 Where do you want to run?
2 Which map do you need?
3 Useful map features
4 Creating your perfect run
5 Mistakes not to make
6 Get your route stats

Then off you go! This basic guide will start you off with planning trail routes both locally and further afield – the adventure awaits!

Where will you plan your next trail run? And where do you get your new route inspiration from? Let me know in the comments below!

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This film is powered by Bridgedale socks – I arranged the awesome models for their 2020 new trail running sock range shoot (some exciting new socks coming guys!) back in March, the week before it snowed, yikes! Lucky! The lovely sunny mountain footage in this film is from that shoot!

I was really thrilled to work with Bridgedale on this as I have always really enjoyed wearing their socks, for both hiking and walking, so it’s not hard for me to recommend them to everyone.

My fave is the Bridgedale Trailsport Lightweight T2 3/4 Crew which hugs the arch of the foot wonderfully, has a padded heel and toe, dries quickly and doesn’t smell after multiple runs (honest! I wore them day after day training for and on the Cape Wrath Ultra in 2018, it must be the anti-pong Merino wool blend).

Bridgedale Trailsport Lightweight T2 3/4 Crew
Men’s UK
Women’s UK
Men’s USA
Women’s USA

Top sock tip: I always go for a crew version of a sock, one that covers your ankle, as you can yank them up easier if they slip down, and if you hit your ankle with your foot (sometimes the wind blasts one foot into the other as your run!) the padding makes everything less youchy.

We held this shoot on Ullock Pike just below Skiddaw in the Lake District, I think I had my GPS watch on so check out our route if you fancy running here, it’s the nicest way up Skiddaw that I know. The ridge up to Ullock Pike and Carl Side is wonderfully rocky and skinny in parts. It makes a great introduction to mountain running, and don’t feel like you have to go all the way up the path through the scree to the summit of Skiddaw, we didn’t that day!

Major thanks to our beautiful running models:
Mike Clayton
Calvin Ferguson
Victoria Mousley
Philip Taylor
Nicky Butler
Sabrina Verjee
James Williamson

If you want to be considered for a future shoot that I might be involved with, get in touch with me on social media and I’ll add you to my list of super stars 🙂

Have fun, enjoy your run, and I’ll see you on the trails.

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Intro and Outro – Animal by Max Surla/Media Right Productions

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