Is this the best beginner trail run in Cornwall? (a nice, flat 10k from Porthleven)

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Written by Claire Maxted

June 3, 2019

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this super trail running route well worth travelling for.

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About this route
Each year I go on holiday with a group of fantastic friends from my running club the Stamford Striders. This year we went to Cornwall at the end of March, and stayed right on cliff tops at the edge of Porthleven.

We went for a 10k (ish) run which you should be able to see on my Strava if you’d like to try it too. There’s also a map in this film that you’ll find useful too.

I wasn’t planning to film this route as I was supposed to be on holiday and therefore not working! But it was so beautiful I couldn’t help getting my iPhone out and recording some of the stunning scenery and lovely, easy trails through the woodland.

We followed the coast path to Loe Bar, then turned left to follow The Loe, the largest natural lake in Cornwall, locked into place by the huge bar of sand at its mouth. Along this flattish, wide, pushchair-friendly path we found all sorts of different exercise stations and enjoyed laughing at each other making a meal of each!

We followed this path all the way to Penrose, the National Trust house and estate, coincidentally where the South West Outdoor Festival is being held on 27-29 September. After I posted on social media to say I was in the area, the organisers got in touch and asked me to speak, run and film at the festival! So I’m thrilled to say I’ll be there this year and I hope some of you can join me too!

After Penrose, which is also the location for the local parkrun which a couple of my friends did on the Saturday, we turned right to cross the river Loe, running through an enchanting, moss-covered mangrove-like section of woodland.

On the way back, following the other side of the lake, the path was much narrower and more exciting, a swerving single track through the forest, over rocks and roots. There were a few undulations, but the ascent doesn’t total more than 150m for this whole route, so this is a good introduction to trail running, all on clearly marked footpaths and bridleways.

At Carminowe Creek there’s a gap in the woodland that gives you a stunning view across the lake to Loe Bar and the beach beyond, through rushes and reeds, and edged with green hills and yellow gorse bushes.

Finally it’s a hard slog through the sand across Loe Bar and a stiff zig zag climb up the cliffside to take the bridleway back to Porthleven.

We saw dolphins from our cliff-top house on the final day! What a stunning location, I couldn’t recommend it enough as a trail running holiday destination.

Let me know in the comments below if you plan to go!

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1 Comment

  1. Tracy Tonkin

    I live in Cornwall and have run that route many times. Each new person I introduce to it loves it. The pool and woods are so pretty. It’s quite flat and easy to park. The Stable cafe in the woods is excellent also.