Isle of Man DAY 4 – Peel to Point of Ayre (23 miles on the Raad ny Foillan coast path)

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Isle of Man DAY 4 – Peel to Point of Ayre, 23 miles on the Raad ny Foillan coast path.

LONG DAY! Nice and flat after yesterday’s stunning hills, a real contrast. Never-ending beach on a slight wonk, feel a bit lopsided of the leg now! Highlights include running with ace friend Carrie Caren, and Lisa and Phil Motley from Manx Fell Runners, the Point of Ayre and Steve Taggart meeting us with coffee and biscuits at the end!

I have now done 70 miles of this 100 mile path – so cool! Having a fantastic time still, legs feeling tired but strong, and have not got a single blister, GET IN!

Thanks so much to Carrie and Gordie from Manx Fell Runners for hosting me, filling me full of spag bol and chocolate and washing my disgusting running gear!

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