Fed up with Patreon taking a cut?

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Written by Claire Maxted

August 15, 2019

I started using Patreon as a way for my most loyal YouTube followers to support the channel, get more involved with asking athletes questions, win a monthly prize, get exclusive Wild Ginger Running kit and get more personalised training advice from me.


I’ve found it really super, but it is all in US dollars $, making it a little bit hard to work out the finances. And Patreon take a percentage from me, then Paypal take a further percentage from me. Fair enough – they’re providing a service in helping me manage all the details and provide a trustworthy interface for Patreons.

However, the other day at a Patreon meet up I was listening to a couple of super loyal, founding member Patreons Rob and Guy, and I found out that Patreon also take a cut of YOUR money AS WELL AS mine. Woa there! You guys should not have to have extra costs to be my Patreons!


Latest Patreon meet up – recce-ing the 10 mile route of our all NEW Nene Valley 10 trail race! Enter it here!

Rob suggested he Patreon me by Direct Debit straight to my bank account, to save us both our hard-earned funds. I gave him my bank details and he has set it up. Fab stuff! So I thought if any other UK Patreons wish to do this, please let me know via Patreon and I will email you my details.

Nothing will change with your Patreon benefits, but we will both benefit financially.

If you do decide to choose this option, I will contact you back via email (and possibly a newsletter if lots of people decide to do this) going forward, and it would be super handy if you joined the exclusive Wild Ginger Running Facebook group to keep abreast of all the exciting goings on.

If you have any questions about this please do message me on Patreon or email me at WildGingerHQ@gmail.com

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting my channel, it is very much appreciated! Tune in to my next live broadcast at 8:30pm Wed 21 Aug to find out what goodies Patreons can hope to win in the August competition – £400 worth of trail running kit up for grabs!

If you aren’t already a Patreon and want to know more about the perks and benefits, please click here for details.



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