Love Trails Festival 2019 – Blue Pool run (PLUS Ross Edgley’s top resilience tips for runners)

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Hey guys, I really enjoyed editing this film of Love Trails Festival because it reminded me how AWESOME it is to jump off a high rock into cool-ish sea water after a hot, sweaty run along the coast and sand dunes! AND because this film also contains an absolutely cracking interview with the amazing Ross Edgley who was the first man to swim around Britain. He has some quite simply staggering tips on how to improve your resilience and push beyond your limits, taken from his excellent talk at the festival.

Ross has a book called “The World’s Fittest which contains many many more pearls of wisdom from this jaw-dropping man who was so unstoppable he refused to quit even when parts of the skin of his mouth started flaking off with the sea water! YUK! Thanks for your wise words Ross and I hope that you find his top tips inspiring for all aspects of life. To find Ross’ book in the USA click the link here.


Love Trails has grown since last year, I’d say it has doubled. More people, more camping space on the beautiful Gower Peninsular and more great talks from nutritionists, fitness providers, top athletes, injury specialists, mental health gurus and inspiring adventure runners. Wonderfully, with these larger numbers, the festival organisers have managed to maintain the same friendly and supporting atmosphere. I particularly like the interesting runs you can join like Plogging (picking up litter) and Good Gym (running to people and companies out with physical tasks).


I joined the guys from Good Gym as they were heading in the direction of the Blue Pool run which was fantastic as I got to learn more about what they do on the way. I hope you enjoy finding out more about them in the film too – it’s a great way to keep fit, socialise and do something to help others at the same time. #EveryonesAWinner


The next Love Trails Festival is 4-7 July 2020. It’s great fun in a beautiful location even if you’re not a runner – my fave band is the Correspondents that you’ll see at the end of the film. I hope they play next year as well!


Thanks to my lovely friend Libby for running to Blue Pool with me and filming me jumping in!

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