Chamonix trail running – what’s it like? How fit do you need to be? What are the best races?

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Written by Claire Maxted

September 23, 2019

The trail running above Chamonix is GLORIOUS! Fantastic trail runs and races for all experience and fitness levels. Here’s all you need to know. Before covering the UTMB 2019 (Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc trail running race, scroll down for more films about this) I ran to La Floria chalet with Julia, Susie and Steph from Tracks & Trails Mountain Running holidays. They explain why running in Chamonix is so super, tell me about all the races and trails you can run, and it’s very clear that everyone in the office is a bona fide trail runner.


Me, Susie, Julia and Steph from Tracks & Trails at La Floria chalet above Chamonix



So I’m really excited to be doing my 6-day UTMB “The Easy Way” extravaganza in 2020 with the Tracks & Trails team, ending in time to cover the UTMB race and interview all the top athletes again. I call it “The Easy Way” because it’s much easier than running the 106 mile UTMB race with 10,000m ascent all at once, but it will still definitely be a massive challenge! Check out all Tracks & Trails running holidays and training camps here

Want more films from the UTMB 2019 and the trails around Chamonix? Visit my UTMB 2019 playlist here:
More coming soon!

UTMB training advice films
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27 UTMB training and racing tips from Damian Hall, 5th in 2018)
UTMB training advice from CCC finisher Julia from Tracks and Trails Mountain Running Holidays

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