What’s the worst thing Anna McNuff has stepped in during #BarefootBritain? (clue – not poo or glass)

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Who knew there would be so many conkers on the pavements? But adventurer Anna McNuff has trodden on worse in her quest to run the length of Britain barefooted. It’s not poo or glass. It’s revolting. Find out in this film as I ran 15 miles with Anna from my hometown of Coventry to Solihull. Oh, and I got dressed up as a giant apple by one of the runners who came to meet us; find out why in the film too!

It was absolutely fantastic to run with Anna as part of her #BarefootBritain. She is the ultimate in fun, adventurous cheeriness and I really enjoyed the day, as did all the other runners from the Midlands – Shannon the Leggings, Laura the Reporter, Richard the Nav, Sonia the Pink, the Hughes family Anne, Tony & Kate who knew my Dad (!) and the lovely Is Andrews who asked me if I knew Claire Maxted (indeed I do!). Well I was heavily disguised as an apple.

Anna is taking a rather circuitous 2,400 mile route down the UK as she pops in to spread inspiration and good cheer to Girl Guiding groups along the way.  This week she’s running in the Gloucester, Yate and Bristol area, then she’s hitting the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands before doing several marathons in the London area to finish.

Join in and follow Anna’s progress at www.annamcnuff.com/barefootbritain/
And on Instagram www.instagram.com/annamcnuff/

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Thanks very much to my amazing Mum for cooking delicious dinner and hosting Anna, making delicious apple cake, driving us to the Godiva Statue to start, bringing Barry the drop bag to Solihull station and giving Sonia a lift back to Berkswell on our way home. She’s a keeper! Meanwhile Dad signed Anna’s bag and moaned that we’d eaten all the apple cake 😉


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