Best way to train for Alpine trails in the UK (the one key thing that really makes the difference)

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Written by Claire Maxted

October 9, 2019

Andy Symonds is a Brit living in France, and this year came 5th overall (2nd Brit) at the UMTB! While eating his post-race recovery food, in this interview he also covers pre-race nerves for such big races, how to deal with pain and go the distance in ultras, then he reveals his one key tip to training for Alpine terrain in the UK. It’s very simple! He explains how the terrain differs from France to the UK, especially on races like the UTMB, TdS and CCC, and what to do to replicate that if you can’t get over to the continent to experience the altitude and long descents.

Thank you so much to Andy for chatting to me whilst his post race recovery snack melted in his hand! I did ask him if he wanted to finish eating it before the interview but he said it was fine… I bet he won’t say that to a journalist again! 😉

Andy is sponsored by Scott Sports in 2019.

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