Chamonix to Lac du Brevent trail run – Mont Blanc view, ace UTMB training (but I cheated!)

by Nov 11, 2019Alpine running, UTMB0 comments

Written by Claire Maxted

November 11, 2019

This was one amazing day of trail running above Chamonix in the French Alps with stupendous views of Mont Blanc in the background and a real toothy-white mountain horizon all the way around. We ran on stoney, grassy and muddy paths to Lac du Brevent which was a picture-perfect pool of aquamarine nestled in the mountainside. Absolutely glorious. I wished I had more time to stop and stare at it. I’ll be back Chamonix!

This route would be fantastic training for the UTMB (Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc), or any of the other UTMB races like the CCC, OCC and TdS… if you run all the way up! I was on limited time as I had to leave for my flight at midday so I cheated and caught the ski lift right up to the top of Le Brevent summit! I did run down though…which was huge fun!

Putting me to shame was my ace Patreon Carl Southgate got up super early to run all the way up to the top to meet me! He also then did a lot of filming and photography for me around Lac du Brevent as we were so wowed by it, so BIG THANKS to Carl for running with me and being a total superstar with the GoPro. Carl is hopefully training for the UTMB in 2020 if he gets in, so fingers crossed he gets a place!

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