Jasmin Paris’ GOOD LUCK message to Montane Spine Racers (PLUS her top tip!)

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Thanks very much to Montane Spine Race record-holder Jasmin Paris for this awesome message of good luck to all Montane Spine Racers setting off this weekend. Photo: Pete Aylward

Full interview with advice on training, pacing, food, sleep and breastfeeding here 

In 2019 Jasmin Paris won the 268 mile Montane Spine Race outright and smashed the record by over 12 hours.

Jasmin’s excellent blog about her 2019 race is here

And here’s the news story on her sponsor’s website with all the stats

More interviews with Jasmin Paris on Wild Ginger Running YouTube channel:
Top 10 endurance running tips – from Montane Spine Race record-breaker Jasmin Paris

Jasmin Paris – Bob Graham record holder (ladies) reveals secret to endurance success


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