Q&A and what happened at the National Running Show (Lazarus Lake, John Kelly, Camille Herron etc)

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Written by Claire Maxted

January 29, 2020

Hey hey hey! Good evening everyone and welcome to the Wild Ginger Running live show.  Tonight I answer some really interesting questions on waterproofing the items in your running pack, the best way to train for an ultra, strengthening your ankles and nutrition for ultra. (Scroll down for link to tonight’s film, and links to other films recommended throughout this live broadcast.)

Then I tell you all about my weekend at the National Running Show where I met some Patreons wooo! And interviewed as many top runners as I could find including Barkley Spine John Kelly, outright 100mile and 24 hour world record holder Camille Herron. I also met Lazarus Lake Barkley Marathons organiser.


I also got answers from Jon Albon skyrunner and OCR champ, sports nutritionist Anita Bean, long distance runner Rob Pope, Anna from the Running Channel, Jamie someone who came 3rd at the Cape Wrath Ultra, multiple world record-breaking trail running granny Mimi Anderson, coach Rachel Henshaw who specialises in the menopause, and I almost got an interview with Anna McNuff but she scarpered before I could catch her so she’s going to film the answers herself and send me them. It will take me a while to edit all this lot, and I still have interviews from the UTMB and Skyline Scotland last year to put out, so stay tuned for this ultra series from WGR later in 2020.


Watch the film below for this Q&A and National Running show chit chat.


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I also got to speak to Lazarus Lake for a grand total of 3 mins so I’ll be putting that out soon too, stay tuned for that. He was a bit like Santa Claus, very nice chap, and he managed to create a big crowd “WHOA there fella” during his fireside chat with Bad Boy Running by answering the question “Why hasn’t a woman yet completed the Barkley Marathons?” with “Because it’s too difficult for them” ha ha ha which we all know is not true, but hopefully his little dig will encourage more women to try. He suggested Jasmin Paris would be a good contender…

Jasmin Paris interview – will she do Barkleys…? She answers this here!

Ankle strengthening exercises on my channel:

(or Google ankle strength wild ginger and 3 films come up)

My Q&A film about how to train for ultra with 3 runs per week

Ultra nutrition: I made some energy balls with Anita Bean author of The Runner’s Cookbook, why not give them a go?

Anna McNuff #BarefootBritain Cov to Solihull film

How to make a race t-shirt beanbag here


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