Does Lazarus Lake think he could have finished his own race (the Barkley Marathons) at his peak fitness?

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Written by Claire Maxted

February 17, 2020

Thanks so much to Lazarus Lake (Gary Cantrell) organiser of the infamous Barkley Marathons for this interview at the National Running Show 2020. It was fantastic to meet Laz in person, he was very warm, fun and happy to answer questions despite such a busy day starring on stage to absolutely packed audiences.

See you at the National Running Show next year 30-31 Jan 2021. Will Laz be back? Maybe! I’ll try to find out and share the info – you’ll know as soon as I do. 

So many people are interested in the Barkley Marathons and there is a lot of info about that now with so many films out, so I for this interview I wanted to focus on Laz himself as I’m intrigued about his own running history and whether he thinks he could have completed Barkley Marathons himself back in the day. Thank you very much to Laz for the great chat and permission to use these old running photos in this film.

I didn’t get long to chat to Laz personally, so I’ve added a few highlights from his awesome hour long fireside chat with Bad Boy Running in case you couldn’t fight through the crowds to hear it. He was definitely egging the women on as only men have managed to complete it so far, the latest being John Kelly who I’ve interviewed about his Grand Round and Spine Race win (scroll down for links).

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Laz thought Nicky Spinks made a great start on the Barkley Marathons in her 2019 attempt and told us she is back for 2020 (cool! Go Nicky! Scroll down for her interview about her 1.5 laps of Frozen Head State Park). Laz said he would also like to hear from Jasmin Paris, overall Spine Race record holder and multiple British Round women’s record holder. He thinks she could have what it takes, but does she want to have a crack? Find out in my full length interview with her below.

See you at the National Running Show next year 30-31 Jan 2021. Will Laz be back? Maybe! I’ll try to find out and share the info – you’ll know as soon as I do. 

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