Poems about running – award-winning poet & blogger @RunningMrJones (how, why & creative advice)

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In a departure from the usual elite athlete / running coach interview, I’m very excited this week to have award-winning poet and blogger Alistair Jones from @RunningMrJones join us to share his creativity and inspiration. 

I’ve been following Alistair and sharing his short, inspirational running poems on social media for a while now, and after failing to meet up with him at the National Running Show this year I wanted to arrange this chat with him to find out more about the man behind the verses. 

I find his poems very pertinent, motivational and moving. He often just nails that feeling, makes you chuckle, identify with what he’s saying, and usually I find myself re-inspired to go for a run when I was thinking about lounging around. Thank you Alistair!

In this chat we cover his award-winning blog and book of poetry, why he started running, what his plans were for 2020 before covid struck, he reads his favourite poems and gives advice for anyone wanting to write their own. 

Find out more about Alistair and his poems here:

Blog runningmrjones.com

Instagram & Twitter @RunningMrJones

Book – Run, a book for real runners amzn.to/3c7azKT

Other gifts runningmrjones.com/gifts

Here’s one of my favourite of Alistair’s latest poems on Twitter

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