Beat gut problems – nausea, number 2’s, HFLC diet for ultra, best brek (author of The Athlete’s Gut)

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Written by Claire Maxted

June 18, 2020

Beat gut problems – get sports nutrition right with author of ‘The Athlete’s Gut’ Patrick Wilson

Thanks so much to Patrick for taking the time to answer all our questions on gut health, sports nutrition and gut problems while running. His book is highly recommended! Really nicely written, lots of great research presented in an entertaining, easy to read style. Great to dip in and out of during your whole running career.

Best pre-race breakfast and carb-loading?
Why do we get gut problems while running?
Are high Fat Low Carb (HFLC) diets useful for ultra runners?
How much carbs and protein should adult males/females eat per day?
I get hungry after 3hours running – what to do?
How to avoid making number 2 trips during ultra!
Sugar malabsorption problems?
What to eat/drink when feeling queasy?

The Athlete’s Gut book

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