Top 3 CORE strength exercises for trail & ultra runners (easiest 6 min routine ever!)

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Written by Claire Maxted

January 11, 2021

Top 3 CORE exercises for trail & ultra runners (easiest 6 min routine ever!) This 6-part series sponsored by Camelbak will cover the best ankle, knee, leg and core strength exercises for off-road runners, plus balance & co-ordination and a time-saving 10 min whole body workout. Next workout coming next month!

Thanks so much to Camelbak for sponsoring this. I approached them to sponsor this series of 6 films because I always wear a running pack to make home workouts harder, weighing it down with water bottles, cans of beans or a bag of flour/sugar to make a good weight vest! It’s a great low cost idea as us trail and ultra runners usually have a running pack but not a set of free weights. My favourite running pack since 2019 has been the Camelbak Ultra Pro 7L (ladies version) and I use it in every workout that I need extra weight for, so who better to sponsor this film? Scroll down for links to buy.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering about the slight bulge up front, I didn’t eat too many pies in lockdown, I was about 4 months pregnant filming this series lol! Baby due 17 Jan 2021. And my book too a few days after, which also features the Camelbak ladies Ultra Pro 7L running pack and exercises were shot when I was 3 months pregnant so you can’t really tell. 

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My review of the Camelbak Ultra Pro 7L running pack

Camelbak Ultra Pro 7L running pack (my fave currently)

Ladies UK

Ladies USA

Men’s UK

Men’s USA

Camelbak website

Ladies ––Womens_Ultra_Pro_Hydration_Vest?color=0c0c5fd5e0264d8490f3b2f29b6b1a45

Men’s ––2019_Ultra_Pro_Hydration_Vest?color=a4f30b9a14de4bc98d2a4ddad394f030

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