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I’ve teamed up with CurraNZ to offer you 40% off their Blackcurrant Supplement for runners. (Max. 2 x 15 capsule packs per person)

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I've teamed up with CurraNZ to offer you 40% off their Blackcurrant Supplement for runners. (Max. 2 x 15 capsule packs per person)

Originally I was sceptical as I don't take any supplements and never recommend them to anyone - you can get everything from a healthy diet. However, my diet is not always the healthiest and approaching 40 and trying to come back from running after having a baby I often found myself aching and fatigued, so when Scott from CurraNZ got in touch to tell me that top trail runners Ruth Croft and Jo Zakrzewski take this blackcurrant extract supplement, (both of whom I have met and respect) I thought, "Why not give it a go?" Ruth won Western States 100 this year (2022) and Jo is a GP, a record-breaking ultra runner and two times Scottish Athletics Masters Performer of the Year.

I took it and felt absolutely nothing...I emailed Scott to explain this to him as I didn't feel comfortable promoting a product that didn't work for me. We were both doing a bit of digging to understand why when suddenly I realised I'd been taking it before bed rather than before exercise (which it clearly says to do on the box).

So I took 2 a couple of hours before the Worksop Half Marathon in October and the effect was incredible - it's hard to describe but my muscles felt 'silky' even after that intense effort. I worked really hard and found it really hard, harder than Rutland, knocking 45 seconds off my time there, but the aching afterwards was significantly less than I was expecting compared to Rutland Water half marathon the month prior. I now take one daily, and before intense workouts that I know are going to give me DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), I take two.

Even so, I was still sceptical as so many things can factor in DOMS and recovery, like maybe I worked less hard the during Worksop Half compared to Rutland, or maybe it was because Rutland was my first half marathon after having Finny and Worksop came a month after, maybe I'd slept more, it was at a different time in my monthly cycle, I will have eaten different foods, you just can't tell. So before I agreed to go any further with CurraNZ sponsorship on my channel I emailed my two highly trusted dietitian acquaintances who both very kindly responded very promptly and confirmed to me that it's not the Emperor's New Clothes and that there are proven recovery benefits in the high anti-oxidant content.

CurraNZ has also won awards - Best Recovery Product 2020 and Best Sports Nutrition Product of the year 2021 and 2022.

I'm a hard person to convince, and I still don't think everyone needs CurraNZ - if you have a great diet and are in perfect health at the prime of your life then what extra boost do you really need, but so many of us just aren't at our peak are we? I've seen the benefits personally and I hope it does the same for you, so that's why I've agreed to team up with CurraNZ for this special introductory offer of 40% off. It's limited to 2 x 15 capsule packs per person. Just make sure you take them before exercise for maximum effect and not at bedtime like me!

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